German visa application form

If you are looking for a German visa application form you have come to to the right place.

If you are based in the UK then you will need to obtain your German Schengen visa from VFS Global. The German Embassy has outsourced its visa services from 6 June 2012 to the external service provider VFS. If you wish to apply for a Schengen visa you will need to schedule an appointment with VFS and apply in person at their visa application centre at:

The Battleship Building
179 Harrow Road
London W2 6NB

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German visa application form

You will need to book an appointment with VFS to scedule a time to go see them to submit your documents.

Documents Required

Please always bring the original + 1 copy of all documents below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the processign centre.

A passport with 2 blank pages and residence permit for the UK, both valid for at least 3months longer than the expiry date of the visa. Please note that only passports that have been issued (not extended!) during the past 10 years can be endorsed with a visa. If your passport was issued longer than 10 years ago, please apply for a new passport at your Embassy.
Visa application form with colour photo  
A travel health insurance covering at least £20,000 and valid for all Schengen member states.
Confirmed hotel booking covering all your stay in the Schengen countries. 
Evidence that you have sufficient monies to support yourself during your stay, e.g. recent bank statement or traveller’s cheques. Cash is NOT acceptable as proof. 
Evidence of occupation/student status, i.e. original, recent signed letter from your employer / school / university. 
If you are financially supported by your spouse (for example if you do not work yourself), please also provide your marriage certificate and your spouse’s passport and bank statements.
Additional documents may be required in every case.

Children under 16 years of age must also provide:

A separate application form for each child
Application must be signed by both parents (missing signature to be explained attaching a letter of consent by the absent parent and certified copy of passport)
Original passports from both parents (unless one parent has sole custody or a residence order for the child) 
Original birth certificate of each child

Notice for minors under 18: In addition to the above documents, minors under 18 must produce a declaration from both parents authorising them to travel and stay in a Schengen country and appointing the person who will be responsible for them.

Please visit the official VFS website as these are subject to change.


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