Every country processes visa applications at a different rate. Make sure to check the government website of the country you intend to visit to find out how fast they process visa applications. For example, visa applications from Russia to visit Canada take approximately 8 days to process, while Canadians looking to travel to India are advised to submit visa applications at least 15 days in advance.
Many countries have visa policies and agreements that allow their citizens to travel freely between them without the need for a visa. For example, Canadians and Americans do not need visas in order to travel to each other’s countries, only valid travel documents. However, Canadians do need visas to travel to Bhutan, for example, since no visa agreement exists between the two nations.
In accordance with the agreement signed between the United States and China to extend visa validity, beginning on November 29, 2016, Chinese citizens with 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visas in Peoples’ Republic of China passports will be required to update their biographical and other information from their visa application via a website every two years, or upon getting a new passport or B1, B2, or B1/B2 visa, whichever occurs first.  This mechanism is called EVUS - Electronic Visa Update System.
A Turkish airline reservation with a 3-day hold is perfectly fine for your Spain visa application. The good thing with Schengen visa application is that if the consulate has a question, they will contact you and ask you. They won’t deny the visa just because your reservation is not valid anymore. If at all the Spain consulate thinks that your flight reservation is not valid anymore, they will contact you and ask you for a new one. Just get another reservation from Turkish airlines and sent it to them. You will be fine.
The U.S. ABTC should enable access to a dedicated fast-track lane for expedited immigration processing at some participating foreign APEC member airports.[610] U.S. APEC Business Travel Card holders may also use the Global Entry kiosks at participating airports upon their U.S. return.[611] However, the U.S. APEC Business Travel Card cannot be used in lieu of a visa to enter an APEC member country in the way that some other countries’ APEC cards can be used in lieu of visas. This is because the U.S. has decided not to participate in the visa reciprocity part of the program because the US government is unwilling to waive visa interviews.[612] The program was initially set to expire on 30 September 2018, but the November 2017 signing of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cards Act of 2017 (S. 504) ensured it would permanently remain.[613]
No, even though these cards can be used as credit cards for “normal” purchases (e.g., at the grocery store), these cards will NOT appear as credit cards for rental car companies. I think ALL rental car companies allow a debit card for payment AFTER your use, i.e., when you return the car, but only a few allow use of a debit card for the initial RESERVATION.
Adam, you can get another debit card no problem. Just pick out the one you want and go through the standard procedure. That card will have nothing to do with the other card. I have several cards. When I have a big problem or debt with one I simply abandon it and continue using the other ones. Been doing that for years. Just don’t open the same card twice with the same info. You can open the same card again if you use a different email and address. Lots of people have the same name. They don’t trip on that. You can even open a new PainPal account if you need to using a different card and info that matches the card. Just don’t keep much money in your PP account so if they freeze it you won’t lose much. Lot of ways you can beat these crooks at their own game.
Lynn, you should be able to book a flight with a prepaid card. Booking a hotel room is a bit trickier. If you paid in full at the time of booking, it shouldn’t be a problem. But reserving the room might be an issue. Each hotel chain is different, so you would need to confirm with the specific hotel you wanted to book. To be sure, I’d call the airlines and the hotel in advance.
As of 1 October 2019, holders of a United States passport could travel to 184 countries and territories without a travel visa, or with a visa on arrival. The United States passport currently ranks[Note 1] 6th in terms of travel freedom (tied with the passports of Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK) according to the Henley Passport Index.[1]
Michael, if you are looking for a prepaid card that has no fees regardless of how you use it, you won’t find one. Same with “free” checking accounts. Even a free checking account charges you if you bounce a check or use an ATM owned by another back. These prepaid cards, however, are free in the sense that you can load them and use them without paying any fees. True, some require a minimum monthly load, but they are as close to no fee as you’ll find.
Disclaimer: This Website is a professional travel agency that aims to help individuals and companies complete the necessary travel authorization requests for short-term stays in Thailand. There is a service fee which includes expert help and assistance, and the fees charged by the Thailand Government. www.thailandvisa.net is not affiliated with the Thailand Government or its sponsors. An application can also be submitted for a lower cost through the Thai Government Sponsor here, though this would be without our professional review and expert service.
Yes, to add credit, top-up your account via an iDEAL or Sofort transaction. After your first top-up with iDEAL or Sofort you will also be able to do a bank transfer. Please note that the name registered on your pay2d account must match the name registered on your bank account. If they don’t match, we won’t be able to complete the transaction. If you want to be able to receive transfers from a bank account under a different name, please upgrade to pay2d pro.
Whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your visa, you will use the same application process (please review How to Apply, above). Some applicants seeking to renew their visas in certain visa classes may be eligible for the Interview Waiver Program (IWP) which allows qualified individuals to apply for visa renewals without being interviewed in person by a U.S. consular officer. Review the instructions on the website of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you will apply to determine if the IWP is available and if you qualify.
If you need cash from a debit card and dont want to put up with crazy atm fees, simply go to the nearest major grocery store to you, and buy 1 candy bar and when paying for it at check out, use your debit card & it will automatically ask you if you want cash back (no fees for this) you select the maximum or whatever u need and u will get it without atm or transaction fees as its listed on your bank statement as a SALE, not a WITHDRAWAL.
I have a roundtrip flight ticket from USA to the UK and then from the UK bought a tour for Europe by Coach and will be applying for schengen visa. Can I submit my round trip flight to UK and USA and the tour details purchased which will be by coach? Will it be enough when applying for Schengen visa or do I need to buy flight tickets to the Schengen country I am applying for?
The best card for me and has been for years has been the Paypal prepaid card. AMEX closed my account when I reported unauthorized purchases & once the merchant approved the refund; bluebird said it was nothing they could do. I would never. They sent me a check for all my funds in the account, but it was a major inconvenience. Also, not to mention that all merchants do not accept AMEX. Which is crazy since it is 2018.
Is kaiku the lowest fee one? A lot of them you have to read the fine print to even see if it’s allowed. There are horror stories out there by people who tried to load their federal deposits on ones like Green Dot and had their tax returns frozen or stolen. The AMEX products wont let you, and the green dot says in the faqs that they won’t do it. I’m surprised how many don’t even address this topic- which I would think would be perhaps the biggest single financial transaction for the unbanked.
In December 2013 Saudi Arabia announced its intention to begin issuing tourist visas for the first time in its history. Council of Ministers entrusted the Supreme Commission for Tourism and Antiquities with visa issuing on the basis of certain regulations approved by the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs.[11] A limited tourist visa programme was cancelled in March 2014.[12] In December 2014 the Saudi Arabian authorities reiterated that tourist visas will not be reintroduced. However, in April 2016, former Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef announced that plans to start issuing tourist visas as part of Vision 2030, which aims to diversify Saudi economy and leading it away from an oil dependent economy. Saudi Arabia has welcomed Uber and Six Flags parks in its initial steps towards amplifying the tourism sector.[13] In November 2017 it was announced that Saudi Arabia would begin issuing tourist visas and online application in 2018.[14]
Our friends at G3 Global Services tell us that they process more visas for China than for any other country. Like Brazil, China requires that travelers must apply for their visa at the correct Chinese Consulate based on their state of residence. US citizens traveling for tourism or business are usually issued multiple-entry visas valid for 10 years.