Kaiku, charges an extra 15% on each hotel transaction you do so if you load the cost of a room on your card you better include the extra 15% or it is not going to go through and customer service is incredibly rude, I had my phone company accidently pull double payments out of my Kaiku account and they quickly reversed the withdrawel I had to wait 2 weeks to recieve my money back from Kaiku because they put a hold on it my son had a birthday with no cake or ice cream and my entire paycheck for that week was held so I could not touch it basically. Also since the phone company still had not been paid and I couldn’t because all of my money was being held my phone was shut off as well. Terrible card do not recommend. I also have yet to find an ATM in Kansas City that is remotely close to anywhere I may be.
Like many African nations, Kenya requires visas for US citizens. Single entry Kenya visas are available online as e-Visas. Multiple entry visas are available through the Kenyan Consulate in New York City. Tourists are also eligible to apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa, which is aimed at tourists who will visit several nations on one trip. It allows multiple entries to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda during a 90 day period.
Rush charges a dollar for every purchase or 10 dollars a month. They tell you that you signed up for this when there is nothing to sign up for RunDMC’s brother should be ashamed of himself ripping black people off Damn you RUSSEL SIMMONS I’M CANCELLING MY ACCOUNT ASAP .I’M ON HERE LOOKING FOR A PREPAID DEBIT CARD WITH LITTLE OR NO MONTHLY FEE’S.MY ACCOUNT IS NEVER RIGHT THEY STOLE 120 FROM ME FOR HAVING THE CARD FOR A YEAR PLUS EVERY 1 EXTRA TRANSACTION I MADE WHETHER IT WAS TO GET 6 YEAR OLD SOME NOW & LATERS FOR 35 CENT OR 5 DOLLARS IN GAS IT WAS A DOLLAR. PUT THE WORD OUT AND WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT