Some airlines will let you hold your reservation for up to 5 days if you are purchasing an award ticket or using your airline miles. The held reservation is a printable itinerary that you can use for your visa application. The reservation might say that it needs to be purchased within a given time. But, it is still an acceptable option for visa applications. Few examples –
Emirates Airline also accepts online visa applications, provided by VFS Global Services. Simply head to the ‘Apply for your UAE Visa’ section of, select your preferred visa category and enter the itinerary details. A visa form will then be shared via e-mail, which needs to be filled out and submitted along with the necessary visa fees. Your visa application needs to be made at least four working days prior to your arrival in the UAE.
^ "Entry Requirements - Israel Travel Advice". Foreign Travel Advice. Foreign & Commonwealth Office of Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Retrieved 6 April 2019. Visitors entering via Ben Gurion airport are given an entry card instead of an entry stamp in their passport. While this practice is in place at other ports of entry, there have been instances where passports have been stamped for entry purposes. You should keep your entry card with your passport until you leave. This is evidence of your legal entry into Israel and may be required, particularly at any crossing points into the Occupied Palestinian Territories. If you’re refused entry into Israel, your passport may be stamped with an entry stamp and two red lines drawn across it to indicate the refusal.
I want financial independence and freedom, but most of all I want privacy. I want to be anonymous, not only to retailers and financial institutions but also to governments and even law enforcement. I think Benjamin said it best, Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. Criminals will be crooks and honest ppl can either be crooks or victims, is what I would say. My being a victim won’t stop criminals so I might as well be a crook. I’m not sure you can follow how this applies, but if you lack imagination I suggest you familiarize yourself with the concept of a Police State.
You should try, they have a great card you can load instantly via a bank card or credit card or with a bank account. When using a bank acct it will take 2-3 days for money to appear on his card. Paypal also offer the same thing, but you must apen a paypal acct and wait 2 month to get a debit card, obopay does not make you wait, but they do charge a 1 time fee of 10.00 to get a card.
Kuwait,[623] Lebanon,[624] Libya,[625] Sudan,[626] Syria,[627] and Yemen[628] do not allow entry to people with passport stamps from Israel or whose passports have either a used or an unused Israeli visa, or where there is evidence of previous travel to Israel such as entry or exit stamps from neighbouring border posts in transit countries such as Jordan and Egypt.
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Kuwait,[623] Lebanon,[624] Libya,[625] Sudan,[626] Syria,[627] and Yemen[628] do not allow entry to people with passport stamps from Israel or whose passports have either a used or an unused Israeli visa, or where there is evidence of previous travel to Israel such as entry or exit stamps from neighbouring border posts in transit countries such as Jordan and Egypt.
I’m planning to get a prepaid debit card even though I have a credit score of about 800. I’ve been having a lot of problems with greedy merchants charging my credit card in excess of what was agreed to. The problem most often occurs with merchants that charge a monthly fee for some type of service and it’s a company you deal with thru the internet.
Although I’m normally a do-it-yourself kind of guy, I sometimes get a travel visa service to take care of all the visa formalities for me. The best travel visa services in the United States (I will discuss 4 in total) often have knowledge and connections that the average person simply won’t have. It is for this reason that getting experts to get the visa for you on your behalf can make a lot of sense and relieve you of future headache if you are trying to secure a visa for a particular country.
It’s not uncommon to have “surname” left blank in Indian passports. First thing I would suggest is to get that fixed the next time you renew your passport. And for visa applications, fill your actual surname in the “surname” field and actual given name in “given name” field in any visa application. I know it would be different from what you have in your passport. But, most visa applications would need “surname” field to be complete and it cannot be left blank. For example:
 Antarctica Special permits required Special permits required for  Bouvet Island,  British Antarctic Territory,  French Southern and Antarctic Lands,  Argentine Antarctica, Australian Antarctic Territory, Chilean Antarctic Territory, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Peter I Island, Queen Maud Land, Ross Dependency.[596][597][598][599][600][601][602][603][604][605][606][607]
Our visa card generator is a smart tool; you need to follow some simple steps and click on the Generate Now button. The generator is compatible with all devices from a computer to a tablet to a phone. The generator is free from Malware, Spyware, and Infection. Experts have tested the software and conclude that it is perfectly functional. Generates some working free Visa cards that can be redeemed.
Every country processes visa applications at a different rate. Make sure to check the government website of the country you intend to visit to find out how fast they process visa applications. For example, visa applications from Russia to visit Canada take approximately 8 days to process, while Canadians looking to travel to India are advised to submit visa applications at least 15 days in advance.
Prepaid credit cards offer several benefits beyond a simple ATM card. Perhaps the key benefit is direct deposit of paychecks, government checks, and benefit checks. There are several prepaid cards that will waive all fees if you have your paycheck direct deposited to the card. With direct deposit, your paycheck will be added to your card on payday. You don’t have to go to the trouble and expense of driving to a check cashing store to cash your paycheck. And the money is available immediately. If you receive a government or benefits check, you can also have it deposited directly onto prepaid cards for no fee.
When traveling overseas for vacation or business, you may need a visa to enter certain countries. Whether a country requires U.S. residents to obtain visas depends on the state of international relations between that country and the U.S. government. Most foreign countries will require a U.S. resident to obtain a visa before undertaking any kind of paid work. For tourist visits, many countries allow U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to enter for a limited time without obtaining visas.
Doug, if you load $500 a month or more on the card, the Mango Money card has no monthly fees. And it’s only $5 a month if you load less than $5. Of all the cards listed, I think it’s the best deal. As to your second question, I think I need more info. Unlike a bank debit card, a prepaid debit/credit card is not associated with a bank account. That’s one of the reasons that people in the ChexSystems who can’t open a checking account can still qualify for a prepaid card. There are limits to liability on bank debit cards for fraudulent transactions, much like a credit card, but I’m not sure if that’s your question or not.
No, even though these cards can be used as credit cards for “normal” purchases (e.g., at the grocery store), these cards will NOT appear as credit cards for rental car companies. I think ALL rental car companies allow a debit card for payment AFTER your use, i.e., when you return the car, but only a few allow use of a debit card for the initial RESERVATION.
Eldridge, I am right there with you. I too use the AccountNow Gold Visa, it stinks! On top of those fees, their website offers a $25 direct deposit incentive. The stipulations are you have to have at least $500 deposited for 2 or 3 consecutive months. I’ve been using the card since December and was making around $1600 a month and never received the incentive. But their customer service sucks too. Hence the reason why I switched to the AMEX prepaid card. No fees other than ATM withdrawals if I need cash I’ll just get it as cash back after a purchase to avoid that fee and I can set up direct deposit. Yep sounds like the card for me! 🙂
Many countries have visa policies and agreements that allow their citizens to travel freely between them without the need for a visa. For example, Canadians and Americans do not need visas in order to travel to each other’s countries, only valid travel documents. However, Canadians do need visas to travel to Bhutan, for example, since no visa agreement exists between the two nations.
Hey John the American express card’s only fee is a $2 ATM and the first one of the month is free. I’ve been looking at cards like these for the past 5 hours trying to find the cheapest fees possible. You still have to pay to load cash but, I’d rather give green dot $5 a load instead of $5 for a lcash load and $10 a month plus a dollar everytime you swipe it. Read those fee charts carefully!!!!!!
I”m a card holder for the visa one. I have a bank account but had bad credit so i hire a lawyer to help and thats the addvice he gave me. now that i do have it i love it because of fraud and stuff I no longer use my bank card to make online purchases i use the prepay that way if they do get my info they can not run up a bill i just lose what i have on that card which isnt much i only like to keep under 200.00 on there at any given time so im not totally srewed.
In October 2019, Saudi Arabia modified its policy for the tourists, and announced that it will allow foreign men and women to share hotel rooms without proving they are related. Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage said that only Saudi nationals would be asked for family ID or proof of relationship on checking into hotels. Besides, all women, including Saudis, were permitted to book and stay in hotel alone by providing ID on check-in.[25]
144-hours visit without a visa when in transit through Beijing Capital International Airport,[109] Dalian, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport in Hebei,[110] Nanjing, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Railway Station and the Port of Shanghai); Shenyang and Tianjin Binhai International Airport[111]
Dear Thirumal, thank your for the information. Just to reconfirm, as you know Since the UK Visa processing takes at least a week, by the time the Home office checks my itinerary’s validity, most probably it would be invalid by that time since it’s just a 3-day hold. Therefore, I would like to know whether my VISA would get rejected due to this issue or they would ignore it since it’s an original itinerary?
Most countries in Africa require all travelers from the U.S. to obtain visas before entry. Tourist visas are required for every African country except for Senegal, Lesotho, Rwanda, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Seychelles does not require a tourist visa if you have proof of a hotel reservation. Mauritius will allow tourist entry without a visa if you have proof of funds and a return ticket to your home country. Certain countries in North Africa that require U.S. residents to obtain a tourist visa -- at the time of publication, Libya and Sudan -- can refuse to issue you a visa if your passport shows you have previously visited Israel.
Shar, most prepaid cards should be accepted at just about any ATM. Some cards, like Green Dot, don’t charge a fee if you use an ATM within the Green Dot network. Green Dot is on the Money Pass network. As for limits, you’ll need to check with the prepaid card company, as these limits can vary. Using Green Dot again as an example, its daily ATM withdrawal limit is $400.
Kaiku, charges an extra 15% on each hotel transaction you do so if you load the cost of a room on your card you better include the extra 15% or it is not going to go through and customer service is incredibly rude, I had my phone company accidently pull double payments out of my Kaiku account and they quickly reversed the withdrawel I had to wait 2 weeks to recieve my money back from Kaiku because they put a hold on it my son had a birthday with no cake or ice cream and my entire paycheck for that week was held so I could not touch it basically. Also since the phone company still had not been paid and I couldn’t because all of my money was being held my phone was shut off as well. Terrible card do not recommend. I also have yet to find an ATM in Kansas City that is remotely close to anywhere I may be.
It’s not uncommon to have “surname” left blank in Indian passports. First thing I would suggest is to get that fixed the next time you renew your passport. And for visa applications, fill your actual surname in the “surname” field and actual given name in “given name” field in any visa application. I know it would be different from what you have in your passport. But, most visa applications would need “surname” field to be complete and it cannot be left blank. For example:
^ Roberts, Jeff John (12 September 2016). "Homeland Security Plans to Expand Fingerprint and Eye Scanning at Borders". Fortune. Fortune Media IP Limited. Retrieved 24 April 2019. Unlike with documents, it’s very hard for a traveler to present a forged copy of a fingerprint or iris. That’s why the U.S. Department of Homeland Security plans to vastly expand the amount of biometric data it collects at the borders. According to Passcode, a new program will ramp up a process to scan fingers and eyes in order to stop people entering and exiting the country on someone else’s passport.
2. I read in one of your earlier responses to show travel itinerary just for only 1 country for the visa (using hotel bookings and flight reservation for 3-4 places in that country) instead of showing many countries. Is this a good option in my case i.e. to show only French hotel bookings and flight reservations. In that case, would there be incentive for requesting multiple entries.
* With respect to a "country" or "countries" participating in VWP, it should be noted that the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, Pub. L. No. 96-8, Section 4(b)(1), provides that “[w]henever the laws of the United States refer or relate to foreign countries, nations, states, governments, or similar entities, such terms shall include and such laws shall apply with respect to Taiwan.” 22 U.S.C. § 3303(b)(1). Accordingly, all references to “country” or “countries” in the Visa Waiver Program authorizing legislation, Section 217 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. 1187, are read to include Taiwan. This is consistent with the one-China policy of the United States, under which the United States has maintained unofficial relations with Taiwan since 1979.
Beginning in 2021, U.S. travelers to Europe’s Schengen countries will need to acquire an authorization—which requires a process similar to that of obtaining visa, even though the European Union maintains that the countries remain visa-free for Americans. Called an ETIAS, the authorization will cost about $8 and is similar to SEPTA, the travel authorization that the United States currently requires of European nationals. Here are all the Schengen nations that will require an ETIAS as of 2021.
2) Perhaps a frequent traveler like you can shed some light on this. I have a 5-year multiple entry Schengen visa issued by France. Do I need to have either an entry or exit stamp from France each time I travel to the Schengen countries? I mean can I avoid visiting France altogether on a particular visit; say enter through Italy and exit through Spain?
4. As a self-employed person, I have bank statements, last tax return and invoices for my income. I do not have any leave approval or salary slips. What else can I provide to strengthen our application and prove ties to India (It might be worthwhile to mention here that I am not going for any professional reason, although my primary client now is a French one). I was thinking of showing my family’s property ownership in India, Aadhaar card for all family members (my brother and his family who are not traveling with us, niece’s school ID etc).
I totally agree. Of all the prepaid debit cards Netspend is one of the worst. They charge $3.95 every time you put money on the card…no matter how low the amount. Want to add five bucks? It’ll cost you $8.95. Every purchase costs a $1.00, and some online transactions cost $2.00. Any ATM withdrawal is $2.50. You do have the option of paying $9.95 monthly for unlimited purchases. But in the past year they have been racking up hundreds of complaints, probably thousands, all across the internet for pulling some really despicable account manipulations on people. I know firsthand bcuz I’m one of them. They actually froze my account to where nothing could be done. I couldn’t even ask for info on a very simple money transfer question. Why did they do that? Get ready…….bcuz I updated my address!!! I am totally serious. I changed the address in my profile bcuz I moved….an action that is of course strictly required by them. And WHAM…account suspended. Now here’s the worst part. They tell me I need to all customer service to straighten out a problem. An updated address is a problem?? But when you call customer service you only get an automated service that tells you they have to call you back in two to four hours!! There is no way to speak to an agent unless you sit there and wait for 2 to 4 hours for them to get around to calling you back. I waited for SIX hours and NOTHING. It’s preposterous. They won’t respond to emails about it. I have money coming back to my card for 2 online orders I cancelled. They won’t accept it now. I read of people getting hundreds and thousands of dollars pulled from there accounts bcuz of “suspicious activity” after they’ve had their card for five years. They send all the documents and ID verification they were asked only to be rejected and told to send it ALL OVER AGAIN!! Positively scandalous. I’m shredding my Netspend card. I know I’ll never see those refunds anyway now. But plenty of good alternatives out there now.